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Bonet Architects

Study of architecture and urban planning

Facultative and technical management

Joaquín Bonet, founder of Bonet Architects. Architect by the European University of Madrid (Laureate International Universities) Member at the College of Architects of Malaga, architectural visualization expert with over 12 years experience been part of teams of architecture.

Our team

Bonet Architects headquartered in Antequera (Málaga) is formed by a multidisciplinary team of architects, building engineers, engineers, designers, topographers and construction professionals, acquainted in construction and urbanization projects, capable of dealing from housing projects to large projects.

See before build it

In Bonet Architects consider very important your satisfaction and you can see your project in 3D and choose materials before starting the works. In this way, we will build your project more quickly and cheaply, minimizing additional costs and time in corrections under construction.

Our way of working

In Bonet Architects believe that what matters is how the building is lived and the feelings it conveys to us, thereby creating qualified living spaces will be our working direction. It's vitally important for us to get into the skin of who will use the building, their way of life and their personal values, such is its importance for us that we want them to be the directors to determine the project.

Professional tools

Our technical office has official accreditation programs and 3D architectural design in addition to high-level professional workstations and plotter. For rethinking urban work also we possess a topographical station.


Like you put your trust in us, Bonet Architects are committed to respecting the agreed delivery periods, with the utmost seriousness and effectiveness.