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Reforms, rehabilitation and restoration






If you own a house or building and wants to improve its interior layout, exterior, qualities, soundproofing, conditioning or energy efficiency in Bonet architects offer comprehensive reform projects ranging from redistribution of interior spaces to changes at the structural level of the building.


If you own a house or building over 25 years you may have to weigh in carrying out rehabilitation. The houses and other buildings lost value over the years, and how to restore that value is rehabilitated, so the rehabilitation is considered an investment that returns the building to the starting point, as if it were new.

It can cared building with pathological conditions due to various reasons, acting consists in eliminating existing pathologies and the factors that cause them to then return the building to its original condition, suitable for use.




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Concerns historic buildings, religious architecture, monuments or assets of cultural interest, also known as BIC. It is coordinated projects in which involve specialized professionals in various fields in order to repair a building or architectural complex of the deterioration that has to put in value.

For us it is important that our thinking is reflected in our projects, so the restoration of an item will take place elaborating the criteria for distinguishing the original work of the restored work. Avoiding false historical and documenting all interventions.

The four basic premises that from our study subscribe to our restorations are:

-Criterion minimum restoration

-Criterion respect for authenticity.

-Criterion the obvious differentiation between existing and restored.

-Keep the possibility of reversibility in the intervention.

In Bonet Architects we signed letters of Athens, Venice, Amsterdam from Restauro as guide for intervention in monuments.